About Us

Vinmar International is a global marketing, distribution and project development company that brings value to the world's leading producers and users of petrochemical products through tailored business solutions.

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Focus on Efficiency

By the late 90s, Vinmar had been aggregating smaller liquid chemical parcels into larger vessels for some time. Such methods allowed our chartered vessels to load cargo and discharge at a number of ports along a given route, resulting in significant cost savings and transit time optimization.

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Excellence in Logistics

Relationships with global container lines are a central pillar of our business. Vinmar is one of the top ten exporters of shipping containers in the Port of Houston, which is itself the second busiest port in the United States. We also pride ourselves on operational creativity. For example, we pioneered overland trucking to a key market, reducing shipment time from 45 days to ten or less.

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Vinmar Creates Value

Vinmar creates value through cost savings whenever possible. By leveraging our relationship with shippers, and arranging the freight and logistics on behalf of one supplier of chemicals, we reduced total shipment costs by almost 25% on product moving from Ohio to China.

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Reducing Waste

Waste reduction is not only good for the environment, but good for a business's bottom line. Vinmar assisted converters with the marketing of reprocessed pellets from their manufacturing waste, creating substantial value.

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Applying Market Knowledge

Vinmar tries to apply our market knowledge in all aspects of our business. Vinmar is a leading supplier of a key value-added product from a major petrochemical producer. These products are high quality and provide excellent properties to the finished goods. Through Vinmar's knowledge of the plastics market, and our in house technical experts, we created an entirely new application for one of these polymers and are steadily expanding our sales in this segment.